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RiskChange – Risk-based design in a changing climate

RiskChange is a four year multidisciplinary research project focusing on the changing risks to society from climate change. It involves eight project partners and seeks to develop an analysis and decision support tool that can be used to assess future risks and investments in climate change adaptation.

Design of infrastructure such as drainage systems, dikes and bridges is based on risk assessments related to extreme climate events. Some of the major impacts of anthropogenic climate change are expected to be heavier extreme rainfall, general sea level rise and changes in wind and storm surge intensity, and there is therefore a clear need to evaluate current and future design of infrastructure in the light of projected climate change.

The RiskChange project will establish a scientific basis for design and adaptation of critical infrastructure based on recent knowledge of changes in climate extremes. Statistical methods will be developed to quantify the expected changes in climate extremes taking into account the uncertainties related to climate forcing scenarios, climate modelling and downscaling. The project will contribute to the development of planning and decision support tools for local and central authorities and will form the basis for establishing design guidelines and associated tools for the industry.

The RiskChange project started 1 January 2011. It is partly funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research.